WordPress Country Selector 1.3.2

"​Wordpress Country Selector plugin - The Ultimate Wordpress Country Picker!

Guide your users to your Country Specific Website translated in their language. Let us take this example: A User from Netherland visits your French site (e.g. www.site.fr). That should be no problem but you already have a Dutch translated Website (e.g. www.site.nl)! So why not show him? With this plugin a simple Country Selector Popup will show the user that there is a Dutch Website he can visit.

Not a friend of a popup? Just show the user a simple “Choose your Country”-Widget in the Footer or Header. This will bring the user to an Overview page with all your country specific websites. With flags, maps, continents!
Saving the best for last: The content will be shown in the Users Language...!"

Sales Page: https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-country-selector/15846619  
Sells for: $20

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